Curriculum, Learning and Teaching

Curriculum, Learning and Teaching

Santa Cruz International School has established a proud tradition of academic success, with 90% of our students choosing to attend university abroad to further their education.

Our students are encouraged to develop critical-thinking capacities to have the confidence to lead, and to find creative solutions in a complex world.  We prepare our students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning

We focus on an educational experience that values the arts and sciences, and believe young people should cultivate a sense of responsibility to act judiciously and be of service to others. There is a focus on excellence, while also recognising that learning, at all levels of ability, should be recognized and supported.

The curriculum at Santa Cruz International School aims to prepares young people to face the challenges of an integrated world.  Our learning plan is unique in that it satisfies the demands of the Bolivian National Curriculum, while completing the Cambridge International Examinations curricula in our core subjects.  High school students take the following international exams: Checkpoint at the end of 8th grade, IGCSE at the end of 10th grade and AS-Level before completing their senior year in 12th grade.

SCIS provides a responsive environment to all students, including those needing additional assistance and those with exceptional abilities. Our graduates are internationally-minded and technologically adept, ready to assume their roles as future leaders, locally and abroad.

Our school encourages our high school students to become self-directed learners, working with their teachers to set learning goals. Parents and students are invited to participate in this process via meetings (formal and spontaneous) and open house conferences to review academic progress, and creating opportunities to plan, adjust and implement strategies to assist in achieving these goals.

Classrooms are spacious and well equipped with the appropriate furniture, interactive SmartBoards and Wi-Fi access to the Internet.