A World of Discovery and Learning

At SCIS our students learn how to learn. They need to be adaptable, resilient, and to have the capacity to research, think, act and communicate their ideas in many different ways. We provide our students with a core of essential learning (contents and skills) that leads to understanding in many areas, with a strong emphasis on building a solid foundation in English and Mathematics.

Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching staff prepares students to explore their intelligence, to be innovative; to be responsible and compassionate persons who are willing to embrace the challenges of our society in order to make a difference. Therefore we believe in a collaborative approach to learning, supporting diverse interests and enabling rich learning experiences for our students. Our teachers are actively involved with the students in their learning journeys by observing, listening and researching alongside the students, encouraging them to be inquirers. It is common practice for teachers and learners to wonder and pose questions with many opportunities for critical, analytical, creative and reflective thinking. And ultimately, the cornerstone in the strong foundation of our learners, is the belief that optimal learning requires solid home-school alliances.