09.03.18 / SCIS ADMIN



After the first few weeks of 2018 had settled at SCIS, Thursday, 1 March, was Sorting Day for all our new students and teachers. The classrooms were buzzing in anticipation as the students sat in their house colours, ready to start off the year’s house activities. The gym was full, everyone seated in their houses, with the new students and teachers standing on the side-lines in their white t-shirts. Wearing white signified that they were yet to receive a house, and to show that while they were already a Griffin, their final step, belonging to a house, was about to be taken. The Centaurs, Pegasus, Titans and Unicorns were overflowing with energy and enthusiasm as they competed with each other to show off their house spirit.  Miss Elvia, the Master of Ceremony for the day and organizer of the event, called out the chosen House Captains and Junior House Captains.

Junior  & Senior House Captains:


  • Natalia Rios, Miranda Martinez (6A)
  • Diego Del Solar, Isabella Ayala (6B)
  • Fernanda Antezana
  • Lais Caballero
  • Stefano Lema
  • Nicolas Martinez
  • Nicole Rios
  • Pedro Rivero


  • Helmut Lemcke, Sofia Siles (6A)
  • Alejandro Plaza, Maria Belen Morales (6B)
  • Sofia Barba
  • Fabiana Diaz
  • Christian Duran
  • Camila Laborde
  • Valeria Molina
  • Any Vallejos


  • Mateo Pizarroso, Gabriella Aguilar (6A)
  • Nicolas Arambuyo, Dayliana Zabala (6B)
  • Isabel Antelo
  • Albania Bruckner
  • Anagensy Hackett
  • Elaine Lu Qu
  • Justin Paz
  • Juan David Velasco


  • Franco Hurtado (6A)
  • Ignacio Gutierrez, Arturo Mealla, Isabel Vargas (6B)
  • Adriana La Torre
  • Gabriela Mejia
  • Yuksel Nuñez
  • Domenica Romero
  • Diego Suarez
  • Lucciana Zambrana

The crowd went wild as their house captains were called out. Then, new students, from the littlest in pre-school to new high school students, one by one, selected their houses from sorting bag. As each name and house was called out, noise exploded from the designated house, only to quiet down in just enough time for the next student. Slowly, the new students and teachers were sorted all the way through to high school, the clapping and cheers coming from the houses not wavering once. Each new Unicorn, Centaur, Pegasus, and Titan was welcomed into their house with open arms, often literally. The ceremony concluded with each house demonstrating their individual spirit with their chants and songs, and Miss Amanda’s parting words welcoming them back to their houses.