03.09.18 / SCIS ADMIN


  After the first few weeks of 2018 had settled at SCIS, Thursday, 1 March, was Sorting Day for all our new students and teachers. The classrooms were buzzing in anticipation as the students sat in their house colours, ready to start off the year’s house activities. The gym was full, everyone seated in their […]

03.08.18 / SCIS ADMIN

Welcome 2018

Dear parents, SCIS is settling in after the first few weeks where Carnival, protests and poor weather conditions slightly interrupted a smooth beginning of the new school year. We are all excited to have our students back in the classroom and it is a pleasure to see our hallways and other areas filled with energy […]

08.30.17 / SCIS ADMIN

The Grand Griffin Community

While Santa Cruz International School has mostly Bolivian students, we are host to many international students from Asia, North America, Africa, and neighbouring South American states. We welcome and value each one for the way in which their different cultures and outlook enrich the life and culture of  our school. Our core values as a […]

05.18.17 / edwardfc

Test News