While Santa Cruz International School has mostly Bolivian students, we are host to many international students from Asia, North America, Africa, and neighbouring South American states. We welcome and value each one for the way in which their different cultures and outlook enrich the life and culture of  our school.

Our core values as a school provide a foundation for developing a moral perspective and framework of values in our students. Students of the Griffin educational community participate in community service as a part of their education and we encourage our learners to make positive contributions to the lives of others.

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their children’s learning process and we firmly believe that the home-school partnership is one of the most important contributing factors to each student’s success.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a beautiful, modern city in the tropical eastern lowlands of Bolivia.  The city is one of the fastest-growing urban areas on the continent.  This provides for a rich variety of cultural activities and leisure, set in a beautiful natural environment.

SCIS has earned the recognition and respect of prominent leaders and authorities and we use these relations to have important political and business leaders, visiting dignitaries, authors, local and successful alumni to visit the school to lecture, discuss and debate issues of global and national significance.  We are proud of our city, the economic boom it is experiencing, its rich culture, festivals and celebrations.  We are even prouder of the fact that many of our alumni now form part of the dynamic growing process this city is experiencing.

Visitors are always welcome at Santa Cruz International School and we look forward to meeting you and your family!