High School Community

Personal growth

High school students at Santa Cruz International School apply their unique talents for personal growth and fulfillment. They demonstrate a passion for and ownership of their learning process. They show self-awareness of skills, interest, aptitudes, and learning styles. Our high school students have the opportunity for personal development and expression through artistic, physical and intellectual disciplines, they are aware of the value of being pro-active towards their health and physical wellness. We also believe that a part of a successful learner is understanding fiscal responsibility, to show awareness of life opportunities in university and thereafter.

Social awareness and contribution

Another characteristic of high school Griffins are that they are active contributors in their community and are prepared to participate in our global society. They practice community service, are responsible for the management of resources and class funds, they understand the benefits of responsible democracy and take advantage of demonstrating leadership skills via class management groups, house and team captains, leading in student clubs, etc. Our students also show great understanding of the value of cultural diversity.

Our high school academic programme abides by the norms of the Ministry of Education of the Bolivian state. We also offer the CIE Checkpoint examinations for 8th grade, IGCSE for 10th grade and AS & AS-Level for 12th grade students.