The high school at SCIS is committed to creating an environment that prepares our students to be successful learners and leaders of their community.
Our high school community is close-knit and family-like, where it is familiar site to see students of all age groups interacting with each other. We seek to provide our students with a well-rounded education, with a level of care that defines our school as a leading educational institution in the city.
Our high school students are valued for their unique capacity to contribute to the life and development of our community, while preparing for a successful and fulfilling life after graduation. Each student is assisted to grow in their understanding of the values of acceptance and open-mindedness in relationships with others, and that each student is valued for their unique capacity to contribute to the life as a member of the SCIS’ grand Griffin family.
Everything we do and every learning activity is focused upon meeting our vision of shaping successful learners and upon guiding our students toward acquiring the skills and competencies needed to excel in today’s demanding world.
When a Griffin leaves Santa Cruz International School, he/she will have a profile with skills and abilities that are represented in the following characteristics:

Academic success

Students are academically prepared for university, a career, and life equipped to achieve their highest potential. Students efficiently demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and application of a variety of subjects with a strong emphasis on English, Spanish and Mathematics, as well as focusing on Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Social Studies (History, Citizenship, Psychology and Philosophy), Technical Studies (ICT and Business Studies), and an appreciation of Fine Arts (Art & Design and Music)

Character development

Students understand the importance of positive interactions with others as a foundation for living successful lives. They personify the following ethical principles in accordance with the Griffin Honour Code. They strive to be honest, to show integrity and practice impeccability, aiming to always do things in a faultless manner and doing what is right, even when no one else is looking or around. We instill the value of keeping a promise, by doing what one says one is going to do.

Furthermore, a high school Griffin is loyal to the school and its authorities, teachers and other personnel, their fellow students and to the legacy of a Griffin in honour of our founder, Kevin Joseph Hanley. In line with the philosophy in Pre-school and in Elementary school, the high school teaching staff instills compassion and placing value on the needs of others above the self. We constantly work on projects that inculcate caring and helping others.

As part of our formation of formidable leaders, we stress the value of obedience and discipline by obeying rules and laws to contribute to a better society. Students, through daily interaction, and with guidance and orientation from teachers and supporting staff, practice their good manners and being polite and kind to everyone else, practicing fairness and just treatment of others. As part of our profile of a successful high school student we actively encourage a healthy pursuit of excellence by working on work and study habits and organizational skills. Finally, it is the conviction of our school, that true leaders are accountable, with the courage to admit mistakes and a willingness to learn from them and to correct them, and to take pride in doing what it right.

The Griffin Honour Code (Written by OFEK, Senior Class of 2010)

As a Griffin, I enter this family and make it my own. I promise to honour, respect and take pride in being a member. I uphold this honour code with dedication and commitment to all other Griffins in sport, academics and friendship, striving to reach my full potential. I will not lie, cheat, steal or plagiarize. I accept responsibility for my actions and for what other Griffins may do in my presence. I will remain always loyal, always a member of the SCIS family, and mostly, always a sincere companion and friend. ALWAYS A GRIFFIN!

Successful/Efficient Communication

Students, upon graduating, communicate and collaborate effectively. They demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication, individually and in groups, including speaking, active listening and constructive dialogue. Our high school students are also proficient in preparing and delivering presentations, and develop the ability to work collaboratively as a team. They also demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in response to an audience and the environment. High school students have effective use of modern technology.

Effective, productive and life-long learning

Secondary students understand the importance of developing intrinsic motivation. They possess the aptitude, attitude and skills necessary for the continuous pursuit of knowledge, throughout life. The teaching staff, in close collaboration seek that students demonstrate motivation, problem-solving skills, critical, creative and reflective thinking skills, a proficiency in assessing, managing, and processing information, and competency using a variety of learning tools, techniques and technologies. Our aim is that our students to fortify perseverance, resiliency, and self-discipline to successfully set goals, to develop action plans, manage time and workload via effective use of agendas and planners, to monitor their own progress, and to effectively evaluate the results they obtain. As part of their student profile, our high school students are able to learn through collaboration and to reflect and use feedback to continuously improve. They also learn to generate their own motivation, stimulate their curiosity, build strong research skill and develop effective, productive and life-long learning.