Sport & Co-curricular activities – Going beyond the classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Our co-curricular programme enrich the learning of all students in a variety of student clubs and sport. Students have the opportunity to become involved with activities that allow them pursue their passions and also explore new interests. In high school we encourage positive development and ownership by students in decisions that impact on their lives. The student voice is encouraged through participation as houses and team captains and by leading various student clubs/committees under the guidance of participating teachers.


High school students have a homeroom teacher assigned to a grade level. This system sees the close care and guidance provided by a teacher with his/her care. This include basic administrative tasks like taking attendance in the morning, collecting cellular phones and checking uniforms. It also means that the homeroom teachers is the centralizing point for other subject teachers when they observe difficulties of students in their subject. The homeroom teacher works on intimate levels with their students, to make sure that they are constantly focused on the expectations we have of our students to meet the set profile of a successful high school student.

The House System

Along with the homerooms, the house system provides further opportunity to work closely with students in the quest to form independent learners and dynamic leaders for the future. Students at Santa Cruz International School belong to one of four Houses: Centaurs, Pegasus, Titans and Unicorns.
Students and house teachers work together throughout the year to earn house points in academic, student participation in class and special events and with sports competitions. Homeroom and house teachers ensure there are adults identifiable to whom students, colleagues or parents can turn to when there is a particular need.
The vertical structure of the Housing system gives students continuity throughout their years at school. It encourages friendships between more established students and those new to the school and also provides leadership opportunities. It also plays an important part in bringing together students and allowing them to mentor and support each other, with older students always assisting those younger.

Leadershio & Service

At SCIS we have adjusted our focus to prepare our graduates to be internationally minded future leaders. Within the school, students are given many practical opportunities to develop and exercise their abilities as future leaders. Students are responsible for the formation and management of student clubs (SCISMUN, Griffin News, Operation Smile, Student Volunteers, Study-Buddy, etc.) to further their understanding of leadership.

Community Service

All high school students are actively involved in community services under the Homeroom System.